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Gunung Ledang 3 Travelogue and Timelines (Version 2.1)

antara gambar2 expedition



Destination : Gunung Ledang(1276m above sea level), highest mountain in southern Peninsular Malaysia

Route : Taman Hutan Lagenda – KFC – Summit – Laluan Pelita – Taman Hutan Lagenda

Total Trekked Hour : ± ( 6 & 7 ½ hours ascending, 5 & 8 hours descending)

5.30 a.m.

- We wake up early to prepare our breakfast, Subuh praying and preparing the food for the expedition. Most of us doesn’t take bath due to freezing water that morning that we just brush our teeth and wash our face. All of us can’t wait to start the journey up the mountain.

7.00 a.m.

- We assembled at the Taman Hutan Lagenda’s office and declared the things we’ll bring up the mountain. This is the rule to ensure no rubbish or things were left on the mountain and one who failed to show the things that they declared will be fined.

- Three guides were introduced to us. One of the guide will lead us, the other will be on the middle while the other one will be on the back to ensure no one left behind.

7.30 a.m.

- We warmed up our body to prepare for the climbing activity and then, Amir recite the doa for our safety along the journey up and down the mountain.

7.38 a.m.

- The journey starts with the position of 4-7-4-7-4 which there is 4 boys on the front with the first guide followed by 7 girls and then 4 boys in the middle supposed to be with the second guide that the guide always moving along the middle line without fixed position. Maybe he wants to ensure all of us in the middle is in the good condition. Then, it is followed by 7 girls and 4 boys at the very end with the last guide. This position were arranged to ensure no one would move away from the right path.

7.50 a.m.

Reach CP 1: Bukit Semput

- All of us felt quite tired because our bodies started to synchronize with the legs and this process took some times. Some of us already drink quite a lot of water but this is not the good habit that the body will feel heavier after that.

- We have climb more than 600 stairs up to this checkpoint and it was really challenging for most of us.

8.15 a.m.

Reach CP2: Lagenda Trail

- Everyone seems to be cheerful along the way to this checkpoint, each of us supported each other and this is a good thing to be worked on. We feel enjoyed and feel only a little bit stress to climb upwards that none of us want to give up trying.

- The guides start to feel comfortable with us and they have many experiences about the mountain, its route, flora and fauna that could be found along the way.

- Most of us started to suit themselves to the mountain environment which has low pressure and high humidity where we expected it will be raining on the afternoon.

8.50 a.m.

Reach CP3: Batu Orkid

- The route to here are quite steep and there was a big rock that I sure where Batu Orkid get its name. Some of us have already drank half of their water supply! This is not good as it is still far to reach the water source at CP5.

- We will go through KFC (Killing Fitness Centre @ Kill For Climbers) this time that about 45 minutes will be spent on the KFC itself.

10.10 a.m.

Reach CP5: Sg. Tiga Segi

- CP5 is the first water source on the way up the mountain, and the nearest one except maybe at the CP4 (Kolam Gajah). We refill our water supply and eat chocolates to gain instant energy, but some of us feel very hungry that they ate bread to gain massive amount of energy and to fill their stomach

- We spent about half an hour here before continue our journey through KFC that it is very steep and not suitable for fast walking or running that it will take a lot of energy. The best way is to climb slowly and enjoy its scenery.

11.00 a.m.

Reach CP6: Gua Kambing

- The first group spent a lot time here since this CP is the rally point which we need to regroup before continue our journey ascending up the mountain. The last group arrived not long after the middle group arrives. We feel quite exhausted after go through KFC, but our spirit is still high to reach the summit.

- Gua Kambing got its name after a group of hiker found a mountain goat trapped here during a heavy rainstorm, they caught the goat and it ends in a pot of rendang and said to be very delicious. There is 2 caves after this CP that is Gua Kambing and Gua Itik.

12.08 p.m.

Reach Taman Bonsai

- It is quite challenging to reach here because we need to go through Batu Hampar where we need to climb up using ropes that silly mistakes could cost our own lives. Batu Hampar tests our physical strength especially our hand and legs where both of it must works simultaneously for effective climbing.

- The view at Taman Bonsai is very beautiful where we could see the east part of the mountain where it is the direction to Segamat town from our current position. We could hardly breathe here if we move too fast due to low intensity of oxygen that slows our journey up the mountain.

12.35 p.m.

Reach CP7: Bukit Botak

- Bukit Botak is a small, clear field that was a camping site before. On a sunny day, it is really hot because there is no tree at the field and only small trees around the field. We wait the rest of us here while three of our members went to a water source with a guide to refill our water.

-The water source were known as Gua Majapahit because not long time ago, there is a persons who claims as the descendents of Majapahit went ascetic at this cave. That is where the water source got its name. The water here is very refreshing and cool as if it is just were bring out of a freezer and it is pale-yellow in colour because the water have flow through a number of herbs plants.

1.40 p.m.

Reach The Summit

- The summit today is clear with a little bit cloudy. But almost all the time the sun gave its scorching heats. After taken pictures, some of us went down to a lower place that is quit shady and went to sleeps. Some of us were quite exhausted that they slept deadly (tido mati).

- We quite worry about the last group that they didn’t show up after a long time. All of us hope that they were all right to climb up to the summit.

3.15 p.m.

Reach The Summit (Last Group), Descending (First Group)

- The last group finally showed up, they were very happy but only some of us greeted them. Not long after they reach the top, the first group starts to descend down the mountain. The time taken to descend is at least about 5 hours (depends on stamina). From my observations, we will reach the base at night due to the group’s movements and stamina, and I have been told that if we descend more than 3 p.m. we will reach the base at night.

Around 4.00 p.m.

Reach Water Source (Pelita Route)

- The first group stops here to get rest and perform prayers, some of us even eats their own foods because we could not eat our nasi himpit without serunding (the last group hold the serunding, I realized it later). Some of us eat breads, biscuits and a large number of chocolates.

6.50 p.m.

Reach CP 3

- The first group reach here and it starts to getting dark where we feel quite worry about the route downwards and we also worry about the last group. They will use the same path but in darker situation. I try to imagine the situation and it is quite scary to think the situation.

- Some of us now feel the very effect of descending, it hurts and I can see it through their faces (they only want to reach the base ASAP). But some of us didn’t affected and still steady where they could give a broad smile to me with thumb up! =)

7.20 p.m.

Reach CP2

7.45 p.m.

Reach CP1

8.15 p.m.

Reach The Base

- The last person of the first group is me, Afiq and Bella. Almost all of us having the shower immediately after reach the base (some went to sleeps!). All of us feel tired, pains and a glass of cold, iced syrup could taste like heaven

Around 9.00 p.m.

Climbing Up Back

- One of the guides informed me that Inu have fainted at CP3. He wants some of us brings some rations and meets them to give some support. The three person who climbs back is Faqrie, Aizat and myself (Faqrie is the fittest). This is the first time I feel very exhausted when climbing CP1: Bukit Semput.

- The rescue team went up almost immediately, they were very fast and very worry about the condition of Inu. But they were very friendly with each other that broke the silences of the night.

Around 10.00 p.m.

Reach CP2

- The rescue team was taking a break here when the last group suddenly appeared. They seems OK but Inu seems very sick. We take a break here and Inu was strong enough to descend by her own legs instead of being carry down. The movements descending down the mountain was slow with high precautions from the rescue team.

12.00 a.m.

Reach the base

- Finally, all of us reach the base and we feel very grateful

-All of us were very exhausted and everyone could feel their leg shaking due to the effect of descending the mountain

-All of our hard work finally paid

-Thanks to all participants, I hope everyone would get useful experience from this expedition

-To all participants, please do a CAS report to claim your CAS hour

-Any enquiries, suggestions or comment please contact me, SimPanG@E08C


Time mendaki 2, aq adela rapat ngan sorang guide, name die Aus, memang ramah r. Kebanyakan guide kat sini memang ramah. Die ade pengalaman jadi guide 6 tahun kalo x silap aq. Die ajar aq tentang beberapa perkara:

  • Beberapa tumbuhan yang bleh dimakan seperti Halia Hitam
  • Nama beberapa jenis pokok, yang aku ingat nama satu pokok 2 jenis Pelawan Bukit
  • Tikus hutan ade yang sebesar anak kucing dan mampu melubangkan messtin!
  • Menda2 yang haram spt arak jgn dibawa mendaki, byk perkara buruk bleh berlaku
  • Guide 2 r yang citer kat aq cmne gua kambing 2 dpt name, kambing 2 telah selamat dibuat rendang dan sup (time 2 Gnung Ledang bkan National Park)

banyak perkara lagi yg ktorang borak, tapi ni jela yang aq highlightkan. aq x rasa rugi r pegi expedition ni, byk menda yang bleh kite blajar dan alami.

* - post diletakkan semula bagi panduan pendaki2 ekspedisi ledang 4 (grammatical error is inevitable =) )


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