Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mount Bunga Buah, 8 oct 2011

This is my first hiking trip to Mount Bunga Buah, Genting Highlands (1430m / 4690f). The hike offers spectacular view around the highlands itself and also a view of Tabur Hill. It’s been a while since I’ve been hiking a mountain so I was very excited. I promised myself to record this precious experience with my camera.

The organizer for this event is MWAC, my university adventure club. It’s a daypack trip so the load is not too heavy but for me, it’s a good training for my body if I can bring extra load. By a carpool method, we departed to Gohtong Jaya in Genting Highlands.

Our starting point is a private property in Gohtong Jaya, it is necessary for us to respect the owner. The path to the mountain needs us to cross a vegetables garden and then a steep ascend to a road. It was a muddy ascend due to the rain the day before and I’m glad to reach the road. High vegetation that covers the road as we go forward indicates that the road’s been unused for quite a time.

The road not taken

We came across a pair of Siamang Gibbon that feeds on the jungle fruits and then a Binturong! At first I thought it is a weasel (musang) but further research it is indeed a Binturong. Well google it if you don’t know what Binturong is  XD  And there are so many leech here that rainy seasons makes the environment favor themselves.

A leech
From the junction to Rock Garden, the path is more ascending than descending as we go through the ridge. As we continue the hike, ascending is obvious and most of the path is waterways that is dangerous and very slippery if its rain. At certain point, we came across mossy forest and it is very cool.

@ Rock Garden

Finally, we reach the peak around mid day. There’s no view around the peak due to heavy cloud surrounding the area but we were satisfy to complete the hike to Mount Bunga Buah =)


Hibiscus sp.

We was here, Mount Bunga Buah

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